is the third and last of the Singdance-performances from L&O Amsterdam. Just like in WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH MY POEM?-SINGDANCE #1 and MADE IN HEAVEN-SINGDANCE #2 we continue with the sayings that 'the most beautiful things in life, you can not tell about with words; you have to sing or dance it', and 'control is coincidentally accidental'. In 'ATTENTION', Hope and Fear are companied by Speed and Catastrophe to visualize accidents and dreams. Forward singing and backward dancing is performed by saxophone-player Erik Balke (from BAK-TRUPPEN), dutch actor Tom Jansen, dutch actress Christine van Stralen and the L&O Amsterdammers Anneke Bonnema and Hans Petter Dahl. Jacquine van Elsberg takes care of the dressing.

Shown: [NES], Frascati 1, Amsterdam(NL); Lantaren Venster, Rotterdam(NL); Schouwburg Arnhem, Arnhem(NL).